Medical Oncologist at Robert W. Franz Cancer Center and Assistant Member, Earle A. Chiles Research Institute, a division of Providence Cancer Institute

1 in 8

Women will develop breast cancer


New cases in women in 2018


Occurrences in men annually

3.1 million

Survivors of breast cancer in the United States


Deaths annually


Breakthrough treatments. Transformative care. Providence Cancer Institute offers patients the unique advantages of both a world-class cancer research institute and a patient-centered community cancer program. From powerful, breakthrough treatments to compassionate, transformative care and support, we surround patients with everything they need for recovery and healing.

With a world-renowned team of scientists and physicians, Providence Cancer Institute has forged breakthroughs in cancer immunotherapy - a specialized field of study focused on harnessing the power of the immune system to cure cancer. Under the leadership of Dr. Walter J. Urba, physician director of research, Providence Cancer Institute led the international clinical trial of ipilimumab, the first immunotherapy approved by the FDA for patients with melanoma. This was a watershed moment for the oncology community, and ushered in a new era of cancer immunotherapy. Providence Cancer Institute continues to lead groundbreaking studies at forefront of precision immunotherapy for patients with cancer.

David Page, M.D., is passionate about improving cure rates and quality of life for women with breast cancer. A contributor to some of the first immunotherapy clinical trials in breast cancer, Dr. Page leads clinical trials to improve outcomes in breast cancer and develop alternative, more successful treatments to chemotherapy.

"My research focus is on using newer treatments that destroy cancer by empowering a woman's natural immune defenses," says Dr. Page. "These treatments, called immunotherapies, can be helpful in both newly-diagnosed breast cancer and in metastatic breast cancer." Dr. Page is leading two innovative immunotherapy clinical trials for patients with early-stage and metastatic breast cancer. In the first study, he is investigating whether a new immunotherapy, known as IRX-2, may improve outcomes in early-stage breast cancer while using less chemotherapy.

This study is based on Dr. Page's prior research in which he showed IRX-2 could be safely injected next to a woman's tumor prior to surgery. The study showed the treatment was successful in bolstering patients' immune responses against their cancers. In the second study, he is evaluating whether chemotherapy for metastatic breast cancer can be delayed or replaced entirely with immunotherapy treatments. In Dr. Page's prior research, he showed immunotherapy combined with chemotherapy was safe and tolerable for metastatic breast cancer patients, and may work better than chemotherapy given alone. Philanthropic support is vital to Dr. Page and his team's success. Gnome More Cancer's commitment to supporting this dedicated group of clinicians and researchers will help provide the resources needed to advance breast cancer research discoveries, bringing new hope to patients and their families.

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