100% of Gnome More Cancer® donations fund cancer research

Gnome More Cancer was founded to provide research funds to find cures. Each year a vetted and ground-breaking research study receives 100% of the monies raised by Gnome More Cancer.


All Gnome More Cancer operating costs are funded by private donors allowing 100% of Gnome More Cancer donations to fund cancer research. Each year, the Gnomes heart color changes reflecting that years cancer research recipient.



Ovarian Cancer Research

In 2018 alone, there will be 22,240 new diagnosed cases of ovarian cancer. Gnome More Cancer is committed to providing funds to research cures for ovarian cancer.


About Gnome More Cancer

The inspiration for Gnome More Cancer was born of a lovely young lady named Amber who loved the magical whimsy found within every mischievous Gnome that crossed her path. They brought smiles to her face as she bravely and courageously faced her nemesis, ovarian cancer. Because of Amber and the thousands like her, the commitment was made to fund cancer research and find cures. Gnome More Cancer was born.

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